The camp is growing and so is this website. Depending on when you are visiting this site you should choose wisely.

i am new here

This camp is a place where you can start your programming journey from zero. In 6 months, we aim to train everyone to be industry-ready.

Know more about the camp by reading neogcamp handbook

doing levelZero

You already know about the free and open level for absolute beginner.

And you are in the process of building your portfolio, blog, and projects with us then go straight to levelZero guide.

admission in levelOne

levelOne is aimed at taking someone who completed levelZero and make them industry-ready. This is a four-month intensive hands-on, project-oriented course work.

This is a closed program for limited students and you have to go through the admission process for the same. To know full details of admission process head to admission guide.

The admission for levelOne has opened. Please read more here.

For now, concentrate on completing levelZero. If you are subscribed to the telegram channel we will make sure that you don't miss any details related to admission in levelOne.

levelOne detailed course structure

Go to the full stack roadmap to see week by week break up of what we are going to cover. Know that it is still a work in progress.