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admission into levelOne

This page will help you to understand the process of applying for neoG Camp levelOne. Everything you need to know is here.

who can apply for levelOne (eligibility)

neoG Camp welcomes applicants from all backgrounds, age and experience. We seek students with will and grit to work-hard and enhance their overall value and potential.

You can be:

  • newcomer: who just got to know about the neoG Camp; or who were unable to start doing assignments due to their examinations or other reasons; or
  • beginner: who has never done programming in their life before; or
  • intermediate: who knows basic programming. They don't need to watch the videos, but just complete the assignments; or
  • keen learner: someone who just want to learn more intermediate and advance level of programming; or
  • job seekers or job-shifters: anyone who wants a job or who wants to shift from their current job; or
  • non job seekers: anyone who doesn't need a job and just want to learn programming;

But if you are can complete the mark15 portfolio and submit it on the admission platform of neoG Camp, you can apply for levelOne.

Simply put, if you can complete all the assignments, then you are eligible to apply for levelOne, irrespective of your age, your background, whether you want a job or not,or you have watched the levelZero lectures or not, or you are just starting with levelZero.

One thing which should be clear from the start is that we don't care whether you have watched all the videos of levelZero or not. What we care about is that whether you know the topics that we covered in levelZero.

And to qualify for levelOne, you need just 15 points. Whether you get those points by making these projects after watching the videos and going through the assignment help sessions on Discord, or you do it all by yourself, we don't care.

how to apply (admission procedure)

In short, please wait for Admission platform to open (you will be informed). Sign in and follow the simple steps from submitting portfolio till admission into levelOne. The steps are explained below for you.

  1. Complete your portfolio: Do all the levelZero assignments. Please read the point system for the list of assignments, if you are a beginner.
  1. Sign in on the admission platform: Please submit your projects on the admission platform and follow the steps stated there.
  • Please ensure that your portfolio is complete and self-acces your portfolio before submitting. Use the Portfolio Checklist

    Please Note: If you have 1-year plus work experience in web development or a alumni, you can directly apply for admission interview and the admission respectively. You have to fill the intermediate route or roc8 route admission forms here.

  1. Fill and submit the Admission Application: Apply at the admission platform (we will announce about it) and fill your admission form.

    Please Note: Be mindful about submitting your complete Admission Application because if you fill the Application wrong it is not our responsibility to entertain you. (Advice you to refer to the application tips mentioned in the Admission Application's description carefully while filling your application.)

  2. Send us an email to avoid blacklisting: Send a "Hi" email to, to assure that our email account is not on your email blacklist. No need to send this mail if you have filled the waitlist before.

  3. Wait for our email: After submitting the admission application, wait for interview notification on the admission platform. You will be informed personally if you are selected for the Admission Interview. We will send you an email on your provided email id with the process to schedule for your Admission Interview.

  4. Schedule your Admission Interview: Set your interview on the admission platform accordingly for the admission. You will be given a choice of slots from which you can select a slot which suits you.

    Please Note: We have created a detailed document to help you understand the process. Please give neog interview guide a read to understand the reason, process and scoring structure of the Admission Interview.

  5. Give the Admission Interview: Give your Admission Interview as per your scheduled date and wait for the results. You will be informed personally if you are selected for the levelOne admission.

    Please Note: neoGrammers applying for financial aid will be informed about their selection after the overall evaluation of all financial-aid applicants. The timeline may vary as per the number and interviews of those applicants.

  6. Pay the Admission Fee: Once selected for levelOne, you shall secure your admission seat by paying the admission fee. Congratulations!

when to submit

  • You will be informed via mail and all social media handles when the admission platform and submissions will start.

  • You may submit anytime once the admissions open.

    Please Note: The applications will be evaluated on the equally. But the admission process for the upcoming Camp is on rolling basis. Hence, if you submit first, you will get your interview and admission confirmation first.

  • Complete and submit your Application to ensure full and timely consideration of your Application.

  • The one and only advantage of submitting your Application early, during the submission window, is to get your Admission Interview dates scheduled as per your availability and convenience and get it scheduled faster.

If you have end semester exams or if you or your family memeber is not well, then please read this.

  • We saw a lot of DMs and messages/comments everywhere around about neoGrammers having exams and who are.
  • We would like to emphasize that please don't mess your exam or affect your health because of neoG Camp. You should get better at time management overall. There will always be something pressing in your life which will push you away from success.
  • Also, to help you we decided on this: If you have exams or you or your family is suffering from Covid, please do not feel overwhelmed. We will open one more slot for you again.
  • If you think you can do it then, do it then, if you think you can manage it now, I would suggest you do it.

Summary: Please don't do bad in exams or harm your health. We don't want you to fail in college and overwhelm yourself. That's worst than dropping out.

what is the admission interview?

The Admission Interview is a required part of the Admission process to ensure that the honest and the hard-working gets in.

The interview will help us learn more about each other and will provide an additional opportunity to you to share information about yourself.

The applicants are encouraged to read the detailed document, neog interview guide to understand the reason, preparing-tips, scoring and process of the interview.

what if I need financial aid

The neoG Camp provides financial aid that allows us to bring the best students to levelOne, regardless of their ability to pay.

We believe that money should not be a barrier to your success if you have completed levelZero and have performed extremely well during the interview. Hence, we have reserved seats for financial aid.

To apply for financial aid: You will fill the "financial aid section" in the Admission Application to notify us that you wish to avail the aid. Once selected for levelOne, we will inform you the process and documentations required for the same.

Please read the financial aid to understand the reasons, eligibility criteria and procedure for this aid.

To avail EMI option: As requested by few of the applicants (neoGrammers), we have brought the EMI payment options for the ones who need. If you are not eligible for the financial aid and are still worried about the fee amount, we also have EMI options. Anyone can apply for EMI, there is no eligibility for it. You will fill the "EMI section" in the Admission Application to notify us that you wish to avail it or choose it while duing the payment.

Advice you to refer to the application tips mentioned in the Admission Application's description carefully while filling your application. Once selected for levelOne, we will inform you about the process for the same. (Read more about the reason for charging the fees and the fee structure here)

Please know that the admission fee for levelOne will be the same from our side. But as per the usual practice, the banks will charge some interest for providing the EMI service. So, there will be some difference in the amount that you will pay using EMI option depending upon the bank you choose.

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