Never found a structured course for web-dev?

Tired of tutorial hell?

Don’t worry, levelOne is 6 months of structured learning.
tickYou just need to commit your time to become a super dev.
tickGet trained in industry-level coding while creating projects.
tickDevelop lifetime habit of focused action-based learning.
tickYou will have a dedicated and hardworking peer group for life.
tickYou will learn to clear interview and keep excelling at your job.
tickAt last, you will bring out that GENIUS IN YOU.
  • Learn directly from professionals

  • Build industry-standard projects

  • Get Hired!

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Some important pointers to keep in mind before starting with the admission process on portal:

tickJoin TeamTanay Discord Community (Mandatory) - Discord.
tickJoin TeamTanay Telegram channel for important announcements and updates - Telegram.
tickThere is only one route to get into levelZero i.e. complete till mark9 of mark15 and then start with the admission process on the portal. (No intermediate/experienced route)

neoG Camp 2024 Waitlist Form

Admissions for neoG Camp 2023 is closed now. But you can go to the waitlist form and submit your details so that you don't miss any important announcement about dates and events of future batch.


Advanced CSS
You will learn all the CSS you need to make your apps better with responsive design, flex, grid and positioning, animation and float. You will make your own component library.
Expert React
Know everything there is to know about React: useState, useEffect, Context API, children, functional programming, ES6, etc. Everything to establish as you an Expert in React
React Ecosystem
After React we get into the ecosytem and cover React Router for multi page SPAs, Redux Toolkit for scalable apps and many more.
ExpressJS and Database
You will make full-stack apps with backend to store data. Will learn writing RESTful APIs, ExpressJS, data modeling, ORM and MongoDB (Mongoose), and do Full Stack Authentication as well.
Next Level Dev
What will make you an outstanding dev? Clean Coding Practices, TypeScript, Testing, and Tooling. Things which even experienced devs don’t know.
JS for interviews
You will be intensively prepared for interviews. Will go deep into the working of JS and gain language understanding.

Your Mentors

Tanay Pratap

CEO @invact | Ex Sr. SDE at Microsoft

React Ecosystem and JavaScript

Sushil Tripathi

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft

Data Structures and Algorithms using JavaScript

Akanksha Choudhary

TechLead at neoG Camp

Cracking the JS interviews

Vikram Santhalia

Senior UX Engineer at Google

Intro to Angular and CSS Animations in Depth

Rachit Gulati

Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn

Cracking Hackathon

Expert Insights

Pavithra Kodmad

Design systems developer at GitHub

Web Performance

Rajat Kumar

CTO and Co-founder, Shaztra

Understanding bundlers better by building your own

Manjula Dube

IT Delivery Manager at Vanguard | Organizer at React India & JSConf India | Founder Geekabyte

Web Accessibility 101

Sukant Saxena

People Partner, SquadStack | Ex-Hiring Manager(Product and Tech) @Unacademy

How to tackle HR interviews

Kushagra Gour

Frontend Lead at PushOwl

Knowing CSS Best Practices

*tentative guest lectures for camp'23

What's more in levelOne

  • Book Reading: EJS sessions
  • Weekly Code Reviews
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • neoG Hackathon and Games
  • Interview Preparation
  • Exclusive teams to discuss and reflect
  • Job Oriented Learning
  • Interview Insights From Experts
Admission Fee

₹ 40,000/-  +18% GST*

EMI options are available as well.

*A convenience fee may be charged by the payment gateway you choose to pay with.
levelOne Timings

Part-time course
15 hours per week
Weekend Lectures
Saturday and Sunday
Office hours to solve doubts