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why should you take this course?

Apart from everything mentioned before, you should take this course :

  • It is beginner-friendly: So, you have never written a single line of code. No problem, we got you covered. You can start your developer journey with us and get ready for your job in 6 months.

  • You will learn from A-Z (basic-advance level) in full-stack web development: Learn to create front-end apps using React, then how to create and wire the app with Express, store data in DB, and at last put auth around it. After this boot-camp, you’ll be able to create and host an app end to end.

  • You will learn by creating fun-projects: Everything you learn will be through projects. In 6 months, you will be doing 30+ mini-courses and creating 20+ projects to showcase your journey. Projects which are fun to share with your friends and impressive to your future employer as well.

  • You will have your dedicated peer group: Creating the classroom experience, you will have a closed and dedicated group to make friends and network. This extraordinary alumni group will be your biggest asset for career building. You will find your future colleagues, co-founders, and referrals here!

  • You get a 60+hours of live classroom experience: We understand that watching the recorded video alone, without help can get boring. Thus, we are aiming to create live- classroom experience where you get to learn and create with us.

  • Your doubts will be resolved immediately: We are aiming to create a live classroom experience, where all your doubts will be resolved immediately. Further, we have an active community of 13K+ at Discord, including students, programmers, and mentors to help you at every step.

  • You will get job-oriented training, making you interview-ready: We have talked to several CEOs to understand what they need and expect from their hires and we have designed our boot camp accordingly. We have reserved a few weeks of the levelOne only for job-interview guidance and preparation.

  • You will get job offers and being a camp finalist will increase your overall value: We ran a job challenge earlier in 2020 from March to June and got 15+ students placed in various companies as interns and full-time employees. We have partnered with (formerly known as JobChallege) to get the finalist of the boot camp hired with their hiring partners. Further, as validated by the first version of JobChallenge, these skills will improve your overall package-value from 3-4 lacs per year to 6-8 lacs per year.

Please note: has a string of success. We are looking forward to repeat that with you. We will do our best. But you should understand that no one could guarantee you a job. It's a competitive market. We will arrange interviews for you, we will equip and train you enough to crack those interviews. But at the end, it is you and your performance that will matter. Hence, we would like to reiterate that we DO NOT GUARANTEE any job or placement.