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what motivates us to run this camp?

We are conducting this to:

  • bring fun to your coding*: We need to realize and remember again, why in the first place we started loving computers, programming, or computer science. All this rote learning, or the college curriculum around Data Algorithms and memorizing/mugging things have overpowered our love for programming and feeling the joy of creation. We are conducting this to bring that love back by helping you to create and engineer your projects.

  • provide a job-oriented structured boot-camp : The belief that one can get jobs only by learning DS Algorithms was refuted (proven wrong) by the JobChallenge that we ran. (Read more about this under "Special reason for conducting levelOne''). We validated that there is a demand in the market for creators and doers. You have been blessed with the power to create things that can be useful for people, we want you to learn around it and get a job for it.

  • shift the mindset towards "being an Engineer" with action-oriented learning: Would you love Iron Man if he was just sitting on a computer and finding the fastest algorithm to fly a suit? No? We love him because he made his suit, put it on, and regularly fought the villains out there. We love him because while being a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist: He is a doer. We are conducting this camp so all of us become more action-oriented, and *BE an Engineer* in its true sense by actually creating things.

  • have a learning experience with everyone : We are conducting this camp to make a safe place for any beginner, where they can learn from level zero and make friends in the community.

  • make you proud of your coding journey : In 6 months, you will have your own 20+ projects to showcase for your journey. Projects which are fun to share with your friends and impressive to your future employer as well.

  • bring fundamentals free for you: We believe the fundamentals of anything should be free of charge. There should not be any barrier of money for any beginner or keen learner to learn and experience the world of coding. Hence, levelZero (basics) are open, free, and for everyone.

We hope while having fun with programming, you also qualify for levelOne.

special reason for conducting levelOne

When we got 15+ students placed: We ran a job challenge earlier in 2020 from March to June and got 15+ students placed in various companies as interns and full-time employees. While we validated the idea that there is a market demand for doers (creators) and now the startups do not wish to spend 6 months training new hires and they want people to come in and create products for them. (read more about how JobChallenge figured this out, here.)

We wish to place you as well: While learning about the history of JobChallenge, you would notice these 3 huge issues:

  • Only 20/400 participants made good projects: JobChallenege had many hiring partners and companies waiting to hire its finalists. But where 400 people participated, only around 30 finalists were with good projects. After asking the reason behind it, we realized that creating 5+ advanced level projects was a difficult task for the participants.
  • Interviews were difficult: Second, even the finalists of JobChallenege, with good projects, were not familiar with the structure and scope of interviews in the programming world.
  • Huge demand for trained programmers: Third, even though we know at (our partner for hiring and formal-bigger version of JobChallenge) that there is a huge demand for trained programmers in the market. There is no structured course to train them to get the jobs. To solve all these issues at once, we are conducting for you.

levelOne is to bridge the gap: Hence, we are bringing the levelOne of to solve all 3 problems at once in this job-oriented, six-month course. We aim:

  1. To bring your love and fun for programming back, with a closed dedicated peer group;

  2. To train you and make you create advanced projects;

  3. To train you for interviews and increase your overall value.

We hope you qualify for levelOne: We have talked to several CEOs to understand what they need, and our levelOne is designed accordingly. Whereas we wished to keep levelOne open, but these things are hard to teach on YouTube or without a focussed group. These skills will improve your overall package-value from 3-4 lacs per year to 6-8 lacs per year. The sole reason behind levelOne is to add that value to you if you are serious about it. We sincerely hope that you qualify for levelOne. (Read more about levelOne, here.)

There is an interesting story behind how everything started and why we brought this boot camp. It begins from a career-related question posed at Tanay (our mentor) to JobChallenge (a job challenge for programmers) which led to various job offers for his students during the lockdown and concluded with the realization that programming is difficult for many and is not fun for anyone anymore, hence that end transitioned into a new beginning: We will bring that story to you soon.