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who is teaching?

Our mentor and tutor for the is Tanay Pratap, a software engineer in Microsoft.

Since 2014, he has been teaching, through guest lectures, in different top colleges of southern India, and he decided to go online to teach and interact with students on Instagram and live classes on YouTube in 2019. Since then, the 100K+ #teamtanay community has been active in lifting each other. In 2020, he brought jobChallenge and promoted job-oriented programming. The finalists got jobs, including multiple job offers, in start-ups. This exceptional event led to the inception of, so that anyone willing to work or learn to program, can get the job they wish for.

Tanay wishes and tries to be a mentor, for you, he never had. To know more about Tanay read here, or just Google "Tanay Pratap", and you can choose what you want to read about him: interviews, podcasts, GitHub repositories, etc.