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what's new in our approach?

  • New way of learning: This will be a new kind of project-based learning where while creating those projects, you will learn about web development, React, React ecosystem, using different tools like React Router, Webpack, and Babel.

  • Creating together: You will create and learn with a dedicated peer group.

  • Action-based and job-oriented: There won't be any theory or documentation that you will just read or listen to and do nothing about it. This new form of learning is more action-based.

  • For everyone and anyone: The best part of is its duality in value:

It's beginner-friendly as even if you don't know anything about programming, you can join and learn. The levelZero will start from level zero, i.e. ground level.

Second, it is also for intermediate developers as once you get into the levelOne, you won't only learn the job-oriented programming tools and get interview training. But we will get you ready for jobs and hopefully, get you placed with the help of our partner, aka

In short, is a project-based, full-stack web development boot camp to get you from an absolute beginner to a job. The result would be making programming fun for you and increasing your overall value.