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levelZero is the starting point of this boot-camp for programming. It is:

  • A beginner-friendly, structured course to provide you basics of programming: A free and open level, basically designed for all the beginners, people who have never written a single line of code.

  • An enabler for everyone: The levelZero is an enabler for beginners to learn programming and compete with other intermediates at the same level for the levelOne.

  • A free of cost decider for you: It will provide you a free of cost one-month fun projects-based training, where you can dabble your feet in programming, have fun and decide if you like it or not.

  • A filter for levelOne: You know by now that levelOne will be a small focussed group of dedicated learners who wish to enhance their knowledge and maybe wish to get a (better) job. Hence, levelZero will teach you the basics with fun-projects, and then with those projects, you can apply for levelOne.

  • A short and smart way to create from zero and learn: levelZero will have very short easy lessons where you will create your own 8 (eight) toy projects. While enjoying the process, you will gain your basic knowledge about HTML, JavaScript, Web Development, and React.

  • A training where you create useful apps to share with everyone online: We believe that if you learn, create, and share it with your friends or family or social circle and people see, use and appreciate it, it makes you a better developer because it motivates you to create more projects or stuff which end users use. So we will create some useful fun apps together. All of it will be hosted online and you can share it with your friends, family, and everyone to let them know that you have embarked on your programming journey.

  • A place where the money is not the first criteria anymore: The levelOne will serve as a better filter around all the programmers (including the 100k students around social media platforms of Tanay) as the fees for levelOne will be secondary and your will is the primary. levelOne, the ticket to your grand future, won't be open for anyone or everyone who can pay the fees or pay it faster. It should be and will be, decided on who has worked harder to get to levelOne.

  • A platform to distinguish you: Once you create your apps and complete your assignments and share and showcase your projects, it will distinguish you from anyone who just throws money at a problem. It will make you the in-charge and will give you as well as us the confidence that you will be there in the six-month journey with us and you will work hard as a serious person and you mean business.

fee to join levelZero

levelZero is free and open for all. The live sessions are hosted on Tanay Pratap's YouTube channel.

where to study?

levelZero is live, free, and open for everyone. You can access all sessions from levelZero Guide

The sessions were held on the YouTube channel of our mentor, Tanay Pratap. You can watch the videos and create the projects.

The doubts and issues while learning if any, should be asked in our community of 17k+ folks on Discord.

apps which we will make?

We will be making 6 apps, all hosted online. We'll also make a portfolio and a blog page. All of these apps will boost your resume from a beginner to intermediate.

what all will we learn in levelZero?

  • If you have never programmed, don’t worry, this level will get you started. We will learn the basics of web development including JavaScript, HTML, Git, CSS, React, here in Live YouTube classes, and then discuss it in our Discord group.

  • We will make fun-projects (5+ apps as well) which you will be able to share with your friends and family to get that extra dose of motivation.

  • All projects done during this level and the assignments are required for levelOne, which will be a focused and dedicated group for getting you a job.

the 1-month course structure (levelZero):

This is how you will start your coding journey

  • Basics of programming (JavaScript): This will include the basic level of understanding and JavaScript. The JavaScript ("JS") course will deal with strings, array, objects, NodeJS, Node package manager.

To start and learn JavaScript, you will create a CLI (command-Line Interface) App with us and one on your own.

  • git basics: You will learn to create accounts, basic commands, open a Pull Request ("PR") on the different repository, cloning, and markdown.

  • Introduction to web development: You will learn HTML, CSS, CSS Box Model and Semantic HTML.

You will learn all of this while creating your portfolio with us and your blog on your own as your assignment.

  • Vanilla JavaScript and React: You will learn input, on click, HTML update, fetch, loading, success, error.

You will learn all this just by creating web apps with us.

I don't know a single word written-above: Relax, even if you have never written a function. Moreover, if you don't even know what a function means, or branching, looping, cloning means, we got you covered. All these words that are now foreign to you, will be covered at levelZero. The very basics, the ground level from where you start your programming journey.

levelZero will serve as the minimal level and primary entry barrier for levelOne. It is free, beginner-friendly, and open for all.