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  • An intermediate level, structured course: It is a six-month boot-camp for hard-working programmers of intermediate level (that you become after completing levelZero).

  • A closed level with dedicated students: levelOne is only open for the qualifiers. The Live classes on Zoom/Teams will be conducted for the selected students only. This dedicated peer group will enrich your learnings through discussion and reflection, help you through your doubts and become your friends.

  • To teach the industry level coding and get a job: Every session for 6 months is drawn in a job-oriented way to increase your overall value as a programmer, train you on the market needs, get you prepared for job interviews and finally get you a (better) job.

  • A six-month live coding-course: Specially designed for advanced level job-oriented programming. Read more about the six-month structure below under "six-month structure (levelOne)".

  • Project-based learning: Throughout this journey, you will create your 10-apps with us and showcase your learnings. We believe that if you learn, create, and share it with your friends or family or social circle and people see, use and appreciate it, it makes you a better developer because it motivates you to create more projects or stuff that end users use. So we will create some useful apps together and host everything online to share and to prepare an excellent portfolio of yours.

  • A fun classroom experience course: After a survey, we realized that one of the main reasons you do not complete your online courses as compared to colleges is the lack of fun and sense of belonging. levelOne is limited to provide you the experience of studying with your classmates while having fun, discussions, and making friends. Importantly, this will help you to complete the six-month course with your friends and get a job.

  • A small group to bring in industry experts: The levelOne group can discuss among themselves their problems and questions. Further, Tanay and other industry experts will hang out with the levelOne for fruitful discussions.

  • A level that gets you a job: Once you get into levelOne, you won't only learn the job oriented programming tools and get interview training. But we will get you ready for jobs and hopefully, get you placed with the help of our partner, aka

Please note that we will arrange interviews for you and we will equip and train you enough to crack those interviews. But at the end, it is you and your performance that will matter. Hence, we would like to reiterate that we DO NOT GUARANTEE any job or placement.

(Read more about this under "Special reason for conducting levelOne" to know how we got 15+ students placed in a span of a few months and why you need

Above all, this level will gift you a dedicated peer group. We dream to form a strong, solid alumni group. A safe place where you can learn, discuss, reflect, and ask for help. A structure with trust in the teaching and on the graduates of (neoGrammers) that you can refer to, fund, and even find your co-founder among this group.

(Read more about this under "The Dream of Dedicated Peer Group" to know why we have kept the levelOne seats limited.)

what will we learn?

When we reach levelOne, we would already know and have covered the basics of: HTML,Github, CSS, JavaScript, and React.

Hence, levelOne will take you to a more advanced level and train you on:

  • React Advanced and React Ecosystem: which will include Redux, Flux Architecture, React Router, Webpack, Babel, and how all of these things work.

  • ExpressJS and Database: This will teach you to make your app a full-stack app and to have a back end to store data or interact with the server. Authentication for user is also a part of this.

  • Advanced CSS: This will enable you to create our component library, learn everything which needs to be known for an intermediate-level CSS developer. Based on the feedback of the hiring partners/companies of (a bigger and formal version of JobChallenge) we know that they do not wish to hire developers who only know CSS at frameworks like bootstraps level. This is aimed at preparing you for CSS interviews.

  • Industry-level coding: This will show you how to write production-level code. This will include an understanding of comments, correct variable names, and structure when to use the functions, or class, writing unit test, Typescript, and type system. This part of the course will teach you how to write codes for humans so that they can understand your code.

  • Job-interviews: This will help you to understand the mysterious world of JS interviews that are majorly based on the understanding of JS, CSS, and Typescript language and its nuances including browser and ecosystem knowledge. This part of the course will teach you what is not taught to us but is asked in interviews.

dedicated peer group

Our dream is to stand this community so connected and helpful that it will form a strong alumni group with a sense of belonging and trust. Where we will refer to each other, fund each other, find your co-founders among each other. Where being a neoGrammer (graduate of will have the same trust in the course, hard-work, and teaching that people graduating from top colleges do. Where one neoGrammer will know, through experience, that Tanay would have spared no expense on teaching the best and they won't think twice before helping or referring the other neoGrammer. Further, a dedicated peer group will always help you in learning, discussion, and reflection leading to substantial growth in your learning.

  • Hang out with experts/mentors: We also hope to form a levelOne group where you talk about your learnings and work on the forum. Since the group will be small, Tanay, other mentors, and other industry experts can come and hang out with you and resolve your problems leading to an enriching and fruitful discussion there.

  • A network for life: This network of high achievers will help you throughout your career and of friends will be with you throughout your life.

There are many advantages that the closed dedicated peer group will bring to you. It is a very strong and effective part of this course and we hope when you join the course, you do take full advantage of this and network, reflect, discuss, take mentorship and use the forum to its fullest.

6 month course structure (levelOne):

This is a 24 week long course. Classes will be done only on weekends. Note that the below structure is not set in stone and even though we will be covering all the topics mentioned below, the details and time allocated might vary.

time committment

  • Required to attend lecture: 3-4 hours every weekend. Either Saturday or Sunday.

  • Required to complete assignment: Ideally 4-5 hours every week. Do it on your own time every week. There won't be strict deadlines for this.

high level structure

  • Week 0-7: React Advanced and React Ecosystem

    • Will include Redux, Flux Architecture, React Router, Webpack, Babel, and how all of these things work.
  • Week 8-11: ExpressJS + Database and Industry level coding

    • 3 weeks for ExpressJS and Database:

      Make your app a full-stack app and to have a backend to store data or interact with the server. We will also cover security and authentication during this.

    • 1 week for hiring-oriented production level coding:

      Make you write production-level code. This will include an understanding of comments, correct variable names, and structure when to use the functions, or class, writing unit test using Jest, Typescript, and type systems.

  • Week 12-16: CSS Advanced and interviews

    • 2 weeks for CSS Advanced :

      You will create our component library, learn everything which needs to be known for an intermediate-level CSS developer. Based on the feedback of the hiring partners/companies, they wish to hire developers who not only know CSS at the framework level to write actual CSS. This is aimed at preparing you for CSS interviews.

    • 2 weeks focussed on JavaScript job-interviews:

      Purely focussed on making you interview-ready. The way to crack the JS interviews is never taught to us. The last 15 days of the course will focus only on the understanding of JS language and its nuances including browser and ecosystem knowledge and prepare you for interviews.

    You will come out of this level with tons of projects, coding experience experiencing a complete programming class.

  • Week 17-24: Industry Expert Insights

    You will attend extensive guest lectures from industry experts and learn around industry practices.

what's the admission process?

  • Complete levelZero: To get into levelOne, you must complete the courses and projects at levelZero. levelZero will serve as the primary entry barrier for levelOne.

  • Submit assignments: Once you are done with levelZero, just submit your assignments in the form provided which will be shared soon after the courses are done, subscribe to social media channels to get updates.

  • First Come First Serve: The admissions for levelOne will be FCFS, so we advise you to submit your form asap and secure your seat. It will be on a first come first serve basis after levelZero is completed. Once selected, pay the admission fee and enter for levelOne.

Read more about the admission process.


levelOne is paid. Once you qualify for this level after going through the admission process you have to pay Rs. 30,000 + 18% GST one time as course fee.

Read more about the fee structure and our motivation behind it.

closed classroom experience in levelOne

To succeed levelOne, you will get aid from a closed peer group of smart people. And to succeed in life, our dream is that this class will act as an alumni network. This network will help you throughout your life. Read more about classroom experience

job oriented learning in levelOne

There are three parts to getting a job and grow in your area of expertise or interest :

  1. getting an interview

We have validated this theory that 5+ advanced level projects showcased in your portfolio will get you interviews. You will be creating 10+ advanced projects/apps with us in levelOne.

  1. clearing the interview

The reason people get in the room but then fumble during their interviews is that we are never taught about the mysterious world of interviews that have questions majorly based on the understanding of core JS, CSS, Vanilla JS and their nuances including browser and ecosystem knowledge. There is 1 month completely dedicated in levelOne for interview related training and learning: to teach you what is not taught to us but is asked in interviews.

  1. excelling at your job

Growth and upgrading your code quality in your area is a work that demands constant work and time. Although the whole course is designed to teach you industry-level programming, we have especially blocked 15 days of training where you will learn the best industry practices which will help you in your job. This will include unit testing, Typescript, static analysis using linking and understanding below the layers framework to troubleshoot.

Take these 3 steps to genius: Once, you get these 3 parts right, there is nothing in between you and excellence. It is said that "Any fool can write code which machines can understand, Geniuses write code for humans." We will bring that genius out in you, the one who can write production-level code that is comprehensible by humans as well.

how do we know about this?: The levelOne or the idea of came into existence after we realized that there are people who wish to learn to code and create advanced level projects to get placed or grow in their careers. But it is difficult to do that on your own. Out of 400+ participants of the JobChallenge (known as, now), only 30+ completed the challenge and only 15+ got the jobs, where we had more hiring partners willing to offer jobs. (Read more about how levelOne bridges the gap between market demand for creators and other issues related to interviews and placements, under "Special reason to conduct levelOne")