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what are we going to learn in the boot-camp?


levelZero is the starting point of where you will learn the basics of programming in a structured fun manner. The levelZero was included in the camp later when we realized that there are students who wish to, but won't be able to participate in levelOne because they have never written a single code line or are new to the #teamtanay community. Hence, levelZero will be your free entry and decider to the camp, where you will learn the basics while making 8 fun-filled toy apps and host them online to share it with your friends and family and also decide whether you like programming or not. This one-month live course will serve as a filter for levelOne as the levelOne needs to be a small focussed group who really wish to advance in their career and get a (better) job.

levelZero was added deliberately to enable the beginners to compete with intermediates at the same level as well as to make money (fees for levelOne) secondary and your will to work hard the primary and main criteria for your success and get you a job after the camp.

what you will learn in levelZero?

In levelZero you will learn:

  • Introduction to web development: You will learn HTML, CSS, CSS Box Model and Semantic HTML. How to create and host a multi page website with blogs and projects showcase.

  • DOM Scripting using plain JavaScript Before we get into React and its ecosystem we will learn how to do things without a framework or a library. This will help you appreciate abstractions and are super useful during interviews for next 5 years.

  • Basics of React Make your first app in React in this level. Get started with create-react-app. Know what JSX is, useState (and hooks).

  • Basics of JavaScript This will include a basic level of understanding and JavaScript. The JavaScript ("JS") course will deal with strings, array, objects, NodeJS, Node package manager.

  • Basics of Git and GitHub How to create accounts, basic commands, open a Pull Request ("PR") on the different repository, cloning, and markdown.

what will you need to attend levelZero?

Nothing extra. The session are hosted on YouTube channel (subscribe now to not miss any other lives) and a chrome browser.

For all the updates regarding the camp and the fun-projects subscribe to the #teamtanay.

For the second session, you would need to install VSCode. Don't worry about it, the Discord and team Tanay will help you through every step (it's a helpful and uplifting community of your 17k+ peers).


levelOne is the second and closed stage of the It is a six-month boot-camp for hard-working programmers of intermediate level (that you become after completing levelZero and qualifying for levelOne). This level is designed primarily to provide you a focussed closed group (your dedicated peer group) and to train you for advanced level of programming. Every session for 6 months is drawn in a job-oriented way to increase your overall value as a programmer, train you on the market needs, get you prepared for job interviews and finally get you a (better) job.

Read more about this under "Special reason for conducting levelOne" to know how we got 25+ students placed in a span of a few months and why you need

what you will learn in levelOne?

When we reach levelOne, we would already know and have covered the basics of web development and levelOne will have more advanced and job-oriented training. The live sessions will be on React Advanced and React Ecosystem including Redux, Flux Architecture, React Router, Webpack, Babel; ExpressJS and Database to create a full-stack app; Advanced CSS including creating our component library and preparing you for CSS interviews; write industry level coding using Typescript and type systems and an exclusive half - a-month course on JavaScript job-interviews.

Read about the full six-month course under "What is there in levelOne?".

what apps will you create at levelOne?

Stay tuned for this. It's a surprise. Just know that creating those apps will be exciting and will give you the greater joy of creation while making you ready for the industry.