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admission fee for levelOne

Before we begin, remember that this fee is only for the closed and advanced level i.e. levelOne. The basic level is free and open for all and it will teach you enough to get started with your programming journey.

The primary fee and criteria are your hard work and commitment. The reason behind bringing a free, beginner-friendly levelZero was to not make money, but to ignite your love for programming.

The monetary fee for the 6 month course of levelOne will be INR 30,000 + 18% GST. But, this will be payable only after you are qualified for admission.

Keeping in mind our aim to make money only an enabler and not the primary barrier in your success, we have reserved seats for financial aid for the applicants from a family with a monthly income of less than Rs. 50,000 and who are eligible to join a job in June 2022. We also have EMI payment option for the ones who need.

understand why are we charging this fee?

Those who have seen the idea of shaping up, know that initially, the idea was to even keep levelOne free and open like levelZero. But then, in time, we decided to charge a fee only for an advanced level of training because :

  • Long term effort: The whole set-up and running have a team which is working, which will keep working for 6months. The team needs to be compensated for their work and time.

  • Your mentor is giving more than 6 months: Tanay is not only your mentor, who will teach and train you. But he is the one who has been tirelessly designing and structuring the course to make every small thing you learn fun, interactive, and above all useful at the industry level. He has been doing all this after working full-day at Microsoft.

  • Free courses are seldom valued: First, even though Tanay was ready to teach it for free, no one should expect anyone to do free work for 6 months. The other reason we are charging a minimal amount for 30+ mini-courses and an six-month program is that the moment it becomes free, its value diminishes and people won't complete the courses, they won't be motivated enough to finish what they have started. This will cost someone else who would have secured their seat in levelOne and got a job.

  • To make you accountable: Honestly, the levelOne is for dedicated students. It would be grueling, where you have to put your head down and work to increase your value. Although we will always be there to help and guide and the learning would be fun and project-based. Still, we know few might drop out only because they won't have any skin in the game or motivation. Any single drop out is not only leaving their course incomplete but is also wasting a seat and taking this opportunity from someone else.

  • The fee is reasonable: Furthermore, 30k + 18% GST for a 6-month program with 30+ mini-courses, 10+ advanced level apps/projects, regular office hour discussions with Tanay and guest lectures from Industry experts, which teaches you coding and prepares you for a job and then helps you to get a job, with aka, is quite reasonable. The amount is only reasonable enough to keep you motivated enough to complete the course.

Financial aid for the ones who need: At the same time, we are not ignorant of the fact that there are families in the world for whom this would be a lot. If your family feels that and anybody whose house income is less than Rs. 50k per month can apply for financial aid. Money should always be an enabler and not a blocker for your success. (Read more about the financial aid here)

EMI option for the ones who need: Further, we understand that paying the full amount at once might be difficult for few applicants. Hence, the neoG Camp also provides the option to avail EMI payment mode. The details of which will be provided to you during the payment process for the Admission of levelOne. (Read more about the payment and admission process here)