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frequenty asked questions

Mostly all your queries are answered below. Please go through it to clear any confusion. Or if you prefer video, you can watch this video of Tanay Pratap answering doubts live.

  1. Any limitation or number?

    • The levelZero is free and open for all. There is no limitation for levelZero.

    • The levelOne is a closed level for selected applicants.

  2. Based on which language?

    • You will learn HTML, CSS, React, React Advanced and the main language will be JavaScript.
  3. What will be the Cost? Will it be free or paid?

    • The is structured in 3 levels: levelZero (free); levelOne (paid) and level Placement (free).

    • levelZero is free and open for all.

    • levelOne's admission fee is Rs.30,000 + 18% GST. You pay the admission fee for levelOne only after you are selected as one of the qualifiers.

  4. What stacks will we learn?

    • MERN stack, Typescript, testing, and some more exciting tech.

    • Read more about what you will learn under, "What will you learn?"

  5. When will this start?

    • First: levelZero : Started on 14th November (Happy Children's Day! 😃) (free and open); It is hosted on the YT channel, please start your preparation now for upcoming batch.

    • Second: levelOne : Starts on January, 2022(Closed; paid)

    • Third: Placements: After the completion of levelOne (Free).

    • Read more about it, under "What is the timeline for the camp?"

  6. What will be the timings?

    • Part-time Course: 15 hours a week.

    • Weekend Lectures: 5pm - 10pm on Saturday and 10am - 12pm on Sunday.

    • Office Hours: On weekdays to solve your doubts.

  7. Any experience required?

    • No, levelZero is specially structured for beginners of any age and from any industrial background who wish to learn to program.

    • Read more under, "Who can apply?"

  8. Can I do levelOne while working in a job or college?

    • Yes, levelOne is a part-time online learning course. The live classes are conducted majorly on weekends. There is no need to quit job or college for the camp.
    • You need to invest 10-15 hours every week to become an advanced level developer.
    • There are many students who learnt in levelOne while doing their day-today job in 2021 batch.
  9. What'll be the judging criteria for the accounts/profiles that will be asked in the levelOne application form?

    • Not much from a beginner's point of view. We'll just see whether you're putting and engaging with tech content or not. If most of your social media is around useless stuff then you might be rejected for levelOne. As we explained above on the need for super focused people for the 6 months of camp.

    • Read more on why we have a closed group for levelOne, under "What is there in levelOne?"

  10. Will the boot camp be open for everyone?

    • Yes, levelZero is free, beginner-friendly, and open for everyone (any age, any industrial background, job-seekers or job-switchers, etc.)

    • levelOne is not open. It will be a closed group.

    • Read more about the structure of the and how to get into levelOne after completing levelZero, under "_How is this camp structured? _".

  11. Will I be able to get the job just after doing the levelZero, the free version?

    • We think with the free version you'll have a good enough start to get an internship. The job market is tough though.

    • Also, you can apply for jobs directly with

  12. What will the challenge be about?

    • There will not be any challenge per se. In levelZero, you learn together with other neoGrammers on Discord through project and app creation.

    • Whereas, for levelOne everyone who has completed levelZero might compete to secure a seat for themselves as levelOne will be closed training.

    • For levelOne the challenge is simple. Do levelZero and assignments and submit the form. We just want to make sure that you're serious about this and are not just throwing money 💰 at a problem.

    • Read more on why we have a closed group for levelOne, under "How do I get into levelOne?"

  13. Are placements opportunities given by Tanay in the

  14. Why is Tanay bringing this course?

    • To make programming fun for you again. Teach you through a project-based live course, where you will create your own apps and realize the joy of creation.

    • Since JobChallenge, and now for, we are getting a lot of requests where they're looking for 1-2 years experience. We have talked to these CEOs to understand what they need and have designed the course keeping those needs in mind.

    • These things are hard to teach on YT or without a focus group. And once you learn these skills your overall value goes 3-4 lacs per year to minimum 6-8 lacs per year.

    • Tanay is, simply, interested in adding that value if you folks are serious about it.

    • Read more on "Why are we conducting this?".

  15. Will the placements be restricted to students only or will it be available for everyone?

    • Placements will be available for everyone. No worries there.
    • is open for everyone. neoG Camp is a web-development bootcamp where you can polish and learn industry level project based programming.
  16. Where will we get the lectures of zero level?

    • levelZero are free, and open for everyone. The sessions could be found on the playlist "neoG Camp" on YouTube channel of our mentor, Tanay Pratap.

    • Read more under, "Where can I get the updates for everything?"

  17. Any age limit?

    • No, there is no age limit.

    • It is open for all.

  18. What will boot camp be about?

    • LeveZero: Free beginner, friendly, 1-month course to teach you the basics of web development/programming.

    • levelOne: Closed and paid, six-month course. Tanay will invest 6-8 months only and only on your success and nothing else after his job. He has structured the course to make sure that you create 10 advanced projects, and get at par with 1-2 years experienced folks.

    • The last level is to help you get placed with the hiring partners, with the help of our partner,

    • Read more under, "What are we going to learn in the boot camp/"

  19. What will be the interview about for this boot camp? Any DS Algorithm required?

    • The interview will be casual. No DS Algo for the boot camp interview.

    • It would be just to know you. What motivates you? What does this program mean to you? How committed you are? And few minutes live coding based on whatever you learn in levelZero with us.

  20. What if any participant can't manage a job and boot camp at the same time?

    • If a working person can teach this boot camp. What do you think?

    • We have around 30% of neoGrammers right now in the 2021 cohort who are learning with us everyday in the camp.

    • Read more about the structure and timeline of the camp to understand and manage your time, under "What is the timeline for the camp?".

  21. Is a must to apply to join

    • No, you can directly apply to as well.

    • is an aid. If you want, take it. If you don't need it, don't take it.

  22. Any batch or level restriction?

    • No, there is no batch or level requirement to join the levelZero is free, beginner-friendly, and open for all.

    • levelOne is closed and only restriction is to do levelZero and clear the interview.

    • Read more under, "Who can apply?".

  23. Will selection for levelOne be on a first come first serve basis?

    • To qualify for levelOne, the selection will be merit-based. But levelOne will be a closed camp for selected students, so applications will be reviewed on an FCFS (First Come First Serve) basis.

    • Read more under, "How do I get into levelOne?"

  24. Any registration link?

    • We don't believe in spamming or data collection, so there is no registration required to join this camp.

    • But, please either subscribe to the #teamtanay Telegram page or join #teamtanay Discord to stay updated about any announcement regarding the neoG camp.

    • Subscribing to this is similar to signing up for this course. It's only required so that you get prompt notifications about the boot-camp and the courses.

  25. Will the videos of level zero be recorded? Will I have access to them later?

    • Yes, the videos of levelZero are recorded and available at the YT channel. And you'll have enough time to complete it even as per your timeline.
    • You can watch it later, there's a super helpful Discord community of 17k+ dveelopers to resolve doubts too.
  26. Duration for levelZero?

    • One month or six depending upon your speed. For reference, in the last cohort kids did it levelZero in two months majorly.
  27. I am not from India, will I be allowed to attend this boot camp?

    • It's open for all, the only thing is this will be according to IST timezone. You can and should definitely attend to learn more.
    • Further, right now we do not have hiring partners outside India, so the placements will be majorly in India.
  28. I am a newbie in coding learning python, can I join?

    • levelZero of this boot camp is for aboslute beginners. You just need good internet and chrome installed.
  29. Do I need to prepare something for levelZero?

    • No extra preparation needed. levelZero of this boot camp is for beginners. You just need good internet and chrome installed.
  30. What will be the eligibility to join? I mean, currently, pursuing college/college pass out/ college dropout?

    • There is no such eligibility criteria.

    • It is open for all.

    • Read more under, "Who can apply?"

  31. Regarding levelOne. Since it’s paid, what will be the cost?

    • levelOne's admission fee is Rs.30,000 + 18% GST. But, you pay the admission fee for levelOne only after you are selected as one of the selected qualifiers.

    • Please do read about the reason behind the admission fee, under "Understand why are we charging this fee?".

  32. What type of blogs are going to be considered as a tiebreaker? Should it be all technical ones?

    • All shouldn't be technical ones. Your Github and portfolio will be more useful.

    • If you're too worried about the tiebreaker, which we feel you shouldn't be. But in case you're worried about it, read the things you can do for an extra edge under, "Tie-breaker: If there are many applicants for levelOne?".

  33. Will students participating in Elevate Labs/, directly, and not in will have less chance to get a job?

    • No. If your projects are good, you'll be assigned mentors and you'll be sent to interviews.

    • We have more jobs than we have candidates who can clear interviews. And this asymmetry is the sole reason we're doing this camp. Tanay is committing his weekends for 6 months to get people ready for the jobs which are already on the table.

    • Hiring partners are signing up and their numbers are only going to increase next year when the world comes out of this economic slowdown.

    • will provide equal opportunity to everyone. However, hiring partners do know about and they'll know more and more about it. So, they might prefer students coming out of the camp more.

  34. Can I participate if I am working and planning to switch later?

    • Yes, you can join. This camp is open for all.

    • levelOne is open for everyone who can pay the admission fee after they are selected.

    • Anyone can join levelZero; anyone can apply for levelOne irrespective of your employment, background, jobs, age, etc.

    • The criteria of "someone who is eligible to join in June 2022" or "graduation batch of 2022" is only for someone who wants financial aid.

  35. For those who want to create something on their own rather than opting for a job, would you guide them or have a team for their idea to be evaluated?

    • You'll learn how to create projects on your own.

    • But, you will have a group of high-achieving, hard-working and dedicated peers, where you can discuss, reflect, and network. You might find your co-creator or co-founder here.

    • We can ask a few of our entrepreneurial friends to take some sessions. But this is not part of the package. So no promises here.

  36. For levelZero do we need to prepare anything, your videos that are there on Youtube channel? Or levelZero will itself be enough to get prepared for levelOne?

    • levelZero is from level zero, i.e. the very basic. No, you don't have to prepare anything for levelZero.

    • Yes, levelZero will prepare you for levelOne.

    • Read more about it under, "Tell me more about levelZero?".

  37. How to qualify for levelZero? What will be the tasks?

    • There is no qualification required for levelZero.

    • It is free, beginner-friendly, and open for all courses. It is hsted on Tanay's Youtube channel and teach you programming from a very basic level.

    • All you need is good internet and a Chrome browser.

  38. Where can I know about all the updates?

  39. Can someone outside India join?

    • Yes, they can apply for levelOne, if they want to learn. Just a reminder: The lectures will be done as per IST.
    • Also, we don't have hiring partners outside India as of now.

Admission FAQs

    1. What if all candidates complete levelZero?
    • levelOne will be the first come first serve basis, interview, and social profiles like Github, Twitter, and LinkedIn will be considered for shortlisting.

    • Read more on this, under "Tie-breaker"

  1. Those who qualify, only they can go for the FCFS?

    • Those who complete the levelZero, become a mark15 and fill their forms, they will be reviewed first. The selection will be on merit and first come first serve.

    • Read more on it under, "How can I get into levelOne".

  2. Here's a hypothetical situation. Suppose, I have completed my assignments, submitted them on admission platform for review, but I am yet to be marked. Do I wait to be marked or submit my application form?

    • Yes, reviews are done mostly in 7-8 working days depending upon the submission numbers. You will be automatically allowed to submit admission form once your portfolio has been reviewed.
    • So, don't wait and submit your portfolio on the admission platform as soon as you complete it and become mark15.
  3. Can I submit my admission application even if my portfolio submissions are not reviewed it?

    • No, you have to complete all the 15 assignments to fill the form. Whoever has not completed the assignments: their first and only goal for now should be to complete those 15 assignments and then get it reviewed.
    • You complete your projects, update your portfolio, submit your portfolio, become a mark15 and then fill the admission application.
  4. Do I need to do levelZero if I am a alumni?

    • No, you can directly apply for admission if you are a alumni.
    • Further, if you have experience of 1+ year in web development and can provide any proof of it you can directly apply for interview without doing levelZero.
  5. Can I get direct admission into levelOne if I am an experienced or intermediate in web development?

    • No, you have to give interview and clear the interview if you have a 1+ year of job experience in web development.
    • But, you do not need to do the levelZero if you have 1+ year of work experience in web development.
    • Please note: You must have work expererience proof (evidence of employement or employment letter or salary slip with blurred salary).

Please read the admission process before worrying. 😊

Financial Aid

  1. What if I can't pay; is there any scholarship or financial aid?

    • Yes, we are not ignorant of the fact that there are families in the world for whom this would be a lot.

    • First, levelZero is free and the only admission fee will be for levelOne.

    • If your family feels that and anybody whose house income is less than Rs. 50k per month and you are eligible to join a job in June 2022, you can apply for financial aid.

    • Money should always be an enabler and not a barrier for your success. (Read more about the financial aid here, under "Is there financial aid?" section.)

  2. Can I apply for financial aid if I am filling the form for direct admission being a roc8.alumni?

    • No, the financial aid is only available for someone who does not have access to jobs and will be eligible for jobs in June 2022. Whereas, a roc8 alumni should be placed soon.
  3. Are the financial aid seats limited?

    • No, the seats aren't limited in number. But, the ten percent (10%) of the total seats of the Camp will be reserved for top applicants of financial aid. Please note that there will be tough competition among financial aid applicants to perform better and secure their admission. Hence, apply only if you really need it.
  4. What if we get qualified in levelZero and want a job in 2023 or afterwards and want to learn the skills from levelOne but can't afford it? Can we apply for financial aid?

    • If you can't do a job in June, 2022, then you are not eligible for financial aid. Graduating after June 2022 or being able to join afterwards falls in not being eligible criteria. We request you to wait for a year and apply for financial aid.

    • For the students who are in the 1st-3rd year and have time to graduate and need financial aid, we apologies that the financial aid is not for you for now. We are really sorry. We hope that your family income improves by the time you enter your 4th year and if not, we promise you to be there and provide you the financial aid needed for this course, at that time.

    • Whereas, there is no bar if you can apply directly for the Camp. We have many 18 years old, 2nd and 3rd year students with us in 2021 camp.

    • The reason behind this whole camp is to help the community at large. We understand that you wish to join first, but let's give the chance to people who can join a job immediately and change their and their families’ lives.

    • Further, think of it like this: they will become your alumni. They'll go and work hard and create a name for Next time the same companies will come to hire, to repeat the success and you will get more opportunities to land a better job.

    • Read more about these criteria under, "Why such criteria?".