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a community for levelOne

A fun environment so that you complete your course After asking the community, we realized that one of the main reasons you do not complete your online courses as compared to colleges is the lack of fun and sense of belonging. The intention behind creating levelOne as limited and closed is to provide you an environment where you complete your course, have fun with each other while learning, make friends, wholesome learning :

  1. Social element: The classroom of 100 dedicated peer groups will give you a space to socialize, help each other, make friends, and discuss various topics.

  2. Strength and support: The Alumni structure will fulfill this element. In time, all the neoGrammers who graduate from will stand strong to help each other at different levels.

  3. Fun: Every mini-course in this six-month long course has been designed with a lot of dedication to make your learning fun. One of the pillars of the inception of is to make you a creator and avoid any rote learning. Further, the levelOne closed group will discuss, crack jokes, share memes, and have fun as you used to have in schools.

  4. Reflection: Any learning is done best when it can be discussed, debated, structured, and created in forms. The levelOne will give you a platform to do this with your other peers from the same as well as different backgrounds, with similar as well as different interests but with a common love for coding.

Additionally, you will be discussing your problems and hanging out in the group with Tanay and other industry experts as well.