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how is this camp structured?

The is structured in three stages:

🐥 levelZero

Learn and build anytime (Free and open)

  • Open classes on YouTube

  • Start your developer journey here and now.

  • Started on November 14th, 2020 (Happy Children's Day! 😃)

  • Free and open for everyone (beginners, intermediates, job-seekers from any field, and learners)

  • One-month project-based course for basics of programming. Learn HTML, JS, CSS, Vanilla JS, React, and using Git and Github.

  • Create your projects/apps with us and

  • Submit those projects and assignments to apply for levelOne. You can read more about it here.

The very basics, the ground level from where you start your programming journey will be covered at levelZero.

Read more about levelZero here, under "Tell me more about this levelZero?".


starts in Jan, 2022 (closed; paid)

  • Closed Live classes on Zoom.

  • Learn industry level coding and get a job.

  • Open for the qualifiers. (Read more about it under "How to get into levelOne".)

  • six-month course for advanced level job-oriented programming.

  • guest lectures from industry experts.

  • Office hours for doubt solving and project reviews.

  • EJS sessions every Friday.

  • Create your 10-apps with us, showcase your learnings, and get placed with the help of our partner,

  • Learn about React Advanced and React Ecosystem including Redux, Flux Architecture, React Router, Webpack; ExpressJS and Database; Typescript, type systems; Advanced level CSS and exclusive training on JS and CSS job-interviews.

  • Learn more about levelOne here, "What is there in levelOne?".

💰 placements

starts in May (for finalists and graduates of levelOne and free)

  • The last phase of the camp will entail job placements with our partner, aka Once, you have completed the levelOne you will have advanced level projects, preparation for JS interviews, and an outstanding portfolio that can get you a job or a better package.

  • For this process, we have partnered with (formerly known as JobChallege and

  • will groom you further for interviews, reviews your projects for individuality; and

  • Then, you can interview through hiring partners and get a job!

please note: has a string of success. We are looking forward to repeat that with you. We will do our best. But you should understand that no one could guarantee you a job. It's a competitive market. We will arrange interviews for you, we will equip and train you enough to crack those interviews. But at the end, it is you and your performance that will matter. Hence, we would like to reiterate that we DO NOT GUARANTEE any job or placement.