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admission into levelOne

Stage 1: Submit your Portfolio for review

  • You have to complete levelZero projects and assignments and submit your portfolio url for review, if you are a beginner and taking the beginner route for admission.
  • Complete your portfolio for mark15 and submit it at the admission platform for review. You will be informed once the admission platform is open.
  • Wait for review to complete and then you can fill the admission form.

Stage 2: Fill the Form

  • In the beginner route form on the admission platform, you have to fill your details.
  • Whereas, if you are a alumni then you can directly get admission to levelOne by filling the 'roc8 route' admission form.
  • Further, if you have work experience in web-development for than one year then you can directly apply for levelOne interviews without doing levelZero or becoming mark15. Fill 'intermedite route' admission form.
  • You will also share your LinkedIn, Twitter and GitHub links.
  • Having an active Linkedin profile is compulsory.

Stage 3: Call to discuss

  • Based on your form and provided data we will filter your application and then will give you a call to discuss.
  • You would be able to schedule your interview on admission platform.

Stage 4: Pay the admission fee

  • After the call and discussion, once selected, you have to pay the admission fee for the six-month levelOne boot-camp.

In short, for levelZero registration, we don't need your signups, e-mails, etc. just follow the Telegram page and join #teamtanay Discord to get the updates about the camp. Join the sessions/watch the videos, create your projects, just submit their links in the levelOne-form and then chill. The hope would be for you to participate and learn from the course as much as possible without much hassle.

Read in detail about the admission process here

tie-breaker: if there are more than expected applicants for levelOne?

We know levelOne would be a closed group. In case you are worried about your selection for levelOne, here are a few things you can do to stand out:

  1. Do all the other projects Tanay has made on his channel and the unpolished channel as well. Host and put them on your portfolio.

  2. Listen to some of the mentorship videos on the channel and write blogs on it.

  3. Listen to some of the podcasts and publish a Twitter thread on 5/8/10 things you took learned from it. You can also tag Tanay ("@tanaypratap") in the last tweet if you want him to Re-Tweet.

  4. The admissions for levelOne will be on a first come first serve basis after levelZero is completed andyour mark15 portfolio is reviewed on the admission platform. Hence, to get another edge in the competition and avoid any ties, get done with levelZero, submit your form ASAP, and secure your seat.

Your LinkedIn, Twitter, Github account will act as a tie-breaker at the end.