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setup your computer for development

The next lecture is on hosting your first website. We will be using Git, Github, Netlify, and VSCode to do the same. During the session, we will see how to use these tools but if you want to follow along with the instructor it's important that you have these setup.

Note: Follow the steps in order, otherwise you might miss some integrations which happen automatically.

setup 01: having an email id

You need an email address to set up your developer account across the internet. This is an important step. I would suggest that you make a professional email address for your journey ahead. Don't use coolboy88 and things like that. Use last name, first name, and something which easy to pronounce and spell.

You can see this guide or just search online for more such guides.

setup 02: create a GitHub account

  1. Go to
  2. Put your details. Again, choose a professional username. It will be visible to 1000+ devs tomorrow when you are famous.
  3. Choose a strong password. It's important.
  4. Click on the "Sign Up for Github" button after putting in your details.
  5. You need the FREE version. There's no need to select anything which requires you to pay.
  6. You will need to verify your email address.
  7. Setup your account with a profile picture and some details about yourself.

setup 03: download git

The below steps are for Windows, if you're using another Operating system the steps might change somewhat.

  1. Download git for your operating system from here.
  2. Once downloaded, you will see that the installer package opens.
  3. Keep clicking on the Next and Finish prompts to complete the installation. The default options are pretty sensible for most users.

setup 04: download VSCode

We will talk about VSCode in detail. Just install it and keep it ready for the live session.

Use the steps given in the official guide

setup 05: download GitHub desktop

  1. Go to github desktop page
  2. Download the right installer for your operating system.
  3. Install the GitHub Desktop with default options. Just finish it.
  4. Once installed, you need to authenticate the GitHub desktop. Basically, this Github Desktop application needs to talk to the account you created earlier. Follow steps in the guide

Note: You can leave it at that or you can explore and set up dark theme on the application. We will learn how to use Git using this application.

setup 06: signup for netlify

Netlify is a service provides web hosting for free. It's easy to use and gets integrated with Github as well. We'll see how to do all of that in the session. Make sure you have signed up for it. This shouldn't take more than a minute.

  1. Go to netlify app
  2. In the box presented for Login with one of the following: choose Github.
  3. If you have made the account and you're using the same browser it will present you with a permission screen.
  4. Allow it and you're good to go.

bonus setup (optional): add vscode extensions(plugins)

Plugins give you some superpowers inside the editor. You don't need to install it right away, but if you want to please go ahead. I am not a heavy plugin user, so do a search online for other plugins if you want. Below are some plugins which are good to install and which I use too:

  1. Bracket Pair Colorizer
  2. REST Client
  3. Prettier - Code formatter
  4. Live Server
  5. GitLens — Git supercharged
  6. HTML CSS Support
  7. TODO Highlight