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things to keep in mind before you ask for help

  • You have watched the video and understand the code to best of your ability.
  • If you haven't , Click here to open the playlist
  • You have read and "Googled" the error properly
  • You have pushed the code to github, repl or codesandbox for peer review
  • You have gone through the list of possible debugging method as mentioned below

the procedure for asking help

  • Post the questions on #general-coding or #ask-anyone channel only on discord
  • Clearly describe the problem and what did you do to troubleshoot
  • Don't forget to share the link to your code
  • Don't run away after posting your questions , wait sometime as there might be additional questions
  • Don't forget to update the status after getting the solution

weekOne (The CLI app)


Possible solutions

  • make sure you have spelled the package name correctly
var readlineSync= require ('readline-sync');
  • make sure your package.json file has all the required dependencies installed


  • If any package is not installed automatically in REPL, you can add it manually too

package manually

  • Simply search for the package name and then follow the installation process


Possible solutions

  • Before using the package, make sure to go through it's documentation page and compare the syntax{{ package-name }}

Other Frequently asked questions

  1. How to declare multiple choice questions?

    • Using keyInSelect from 'readline-sync'Package . You can find out more about it here
  2. How to print star patterns for assignments ?

    • let me guess you have tried it already and it ended up looking something similar to this


    • It is because console.log ( ) prints in a new line by default for every iteration of loop .

    • So you need to take that outside of the loop and add "*" to a variabale within the second loop after declaring it in first .

    • If you still can't do it , this code might help .

weekTwo - part one (Github & Netlify)

github error.png

possible solutions

Sometimes the repo is already being managed by Git which results in this type of error . It's important to remember here that this is certainly not the only way to create a repository .

You can create a folder at any path according to your choice and navigate to that using vscode or you can go inside the folder and open vscode by right clicking on it.Then initiate the git within it .

2. pushing REPL files directly to github

You can find a Comprehensive Guide about it Here

3. using github CLI for linux and 32bit Pc

You can checkout following tutorials for using the github in terminal

If you are trying to use Github Desktop unofficially in ubuntu ,Please keep in mind it won't let you sign-in.

4. "Page Not Found" error in netlify


possible solutions

Make sure you have named your main html file as index.html.