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mark15 Checklist

You must first start doing levelZero and become a mark9 to apply for levelOne to get admission in 2024 camp.

Please go through this checklist and Adarsh Balika's portfolio to ensure that your portfolio has these minimum requirements (upto mark 9) before you apply for portfolio reviews on the admission platform.

Please go through the admission guide to understand the flow of admission to neoG Camp 2024.

the 15-point system

Your application into levelOne will be considered only if you are a mark9. The assignments and markings are divided mark-wise to help you keep your pace and not get overwhelmed if you are an absolute beginner.

All the best.😁

how to ask for help

We have a 21k+ developers community at Discord who is always ready to solve your issues while you are learning to code with us. You can ask for help #showcase&review or #general-coding.

But before you ask for help, please first try to debug your code yourself. Here is a guide to help you do that. This would enhance your understanding to a great extent.

Help is given at team Tanay whenever it is asked. :D

Following are the mark-wise distribution of levelZero, for your ease.


Project: Do you know me? CLI Quiz App

  1. CLI quiz app (Do you know me?) that Tanay built in the session. If you've made project with some other topic that's fine too.


  • The quiz can be "Do you know me" or a similar CLI QUIZ on any other topic too. Take Username as input.
  • Have at least 5 questions.
  • Display the final score to the user


Project: Fandom quiz. CLI Fandom Quiz App


  • Make a quiz on anything you're passionate about, similar to markOne.
  • Take Username as input.
  • Have at least 5 questions.
  • Display the final score to the user


Project: Hosting your website with Github + Netlify Integration

Host all your projects on GitHub and share the repository links on your portfolio (along with the projects hosted link). Sub-tasks:

  • Create a different repository for every different project and push the changes.
  • Push source code of your apps on Github with good commit messages.
  • Have a README file and include details of project.
  • Host your website on Netlify.


Project: Portfolio Website Make your portfolio. You can refer Adarsh Balika component library for this. Just make sure you change the color scheme, and fonts, and add graphics and text to the list, so it's your own unique portfolio.


  • Have a home page with your Introduction, and Projects with a call to action buttons for those pages.
  • It is mandatory to put all your projects and social media handles majorly Twitter, and LinkedIn in your portfolio.

  • Have a Projects page with all your apps listed in it with the call to action buttons for live links and source code.
  • Host your portfolio on Netlify / vercel-like platforms as shown in the live Youtube video taught by Tanay.


Project: Adding Blogs to Portfolio Website

Add a Blogs section where you'll be listing all your blogs. If you don't have a blog, you can list a dummy blog and add some dummy text ( at least 200 words )


  • Have a Blog listing page as taught in the Youtube lecture video.
  • Bonus work (Optional): Your blog listing page should list down all your blogs with either link to your Hashnode, etc. blogs or your blog reading pages, with a call-to-action button for READ MORE.

Note: You've to make a blog listing page (as shown below) and when someone clicks on the Read More button then make a new page that will show the entire blog content.


Project: Minions Speak App

  1. Make the translator app Tanay built in the live session.


  • Make the same app as made by Tanay in live video in VanillaJS. Use Minion Fun translation API for the web app
  • The app should take in input and translate the input into Minion's language.
  • Create the app with your own design.


Project: Fun Translation App

Next you'll have to make another language translation app. You may choose any kind of translation provided by FunTranslations API


  • Use Fun translation API and create another fun translation app in VanillaJS.
  • All the features implemented in markSix should also be present in this app.
  • The app should take in input and translate the input into the respective chosen language.
  • Create the app with your own design.

Note: You've to use the FunTranslations API for this project too. Apps with other API's won't be counted


Project: Know your Emoji

Make the Emoticon Interpreter we made in the live session. Change the emojis and customize it for yourself.

For example, You could also make an interpreter for food or flags, or any other emoticons. Make it yours.


  • Make emoji interpreter using React as we made in the live Youtube session.
  • Change & customize it by yourself
  • Have at least 10 emojis
  • Display the name on the emoji on click.
  • Display the name of the emoji on input in the search box.
  • Display a message for emoji not found.


Project: Recommendation app

Note: If you complete mark9, you will be eligible to apply for levelOne of neoG Camp by submitting your portfolio on the admission portal.

Make a recommendation app that suggests something to your users. Choose any topic (Travel, Food, Adventure, etc).


  • This app should be similar to Goodbooks recommendation using React showed by Tanay in a Youtube video.
  • You can choose to have different genres of something you're interested in: Music, Food, Travel, etc.
  • List categories for the chosen genres for your recommendation app.
  • When the user clicks on one category, display a list of items in that category with its details.
  • Have at least 3 items in each category.
  • Add Description and ratings for each item.
  • Create the app with your design.

Pat yourself on the back! > You have completed the most difficult part of your levelZero journey. Now you have to do a few practice exercises and list those projects similarly on your projects page with their source code.

Note: OPTIONAL: You can make these apps from mark10 to mark14 either using JS or ReactJS. Put the app and the source code of these on your portfolio similar to other apps (examples below).


Project: Cash Register Manager

  1. Make a Cash Register Manager App


  • You should build a cash register manager in VanillaJS or React.
  • Your app should have currencies of Rs. 1, 5, 10, 20, 100, 500, 2000.
  • Have an input field for the user aka cashier to enter a bill amount.
  • Have an input field for the user aka cashier to enter the cash given by the customer.
  • The app should tell the cashier/user the amount to be returned in change to the customer with the minimum number of notes.


Project: Is your Birthday Lucky?


  • Take user's complete birthday
  • Take his/her lucky number.
  • Find out if the sum of digits of a birthday is divisible by the lucky number
  • Show the output if the birthdate is lucky or not to the user depending on the calculated results.
  • Show the result to the user with some graphics.
  • Create this as a website, and put a privacy notice. Say that you're not storing data.


Project: do you know triangles?


  • Ask the user to input three angles and you say whether the user has entered angles that could make a triangle. Hint: the sum of angles in a triangle is 180.
  • Show three angles to the user and ask if this triangle is an obtuse triangle, right triangle or acute triangle.
  • Show two angles to the user and ask what would be the third angle?
  • Similar quiz on Isosceles, Equilateral.
  • Ask the user to enter two legs and you tell them the hypotenuse
  • Calculator for the area of the triangle


Project: Palindrome Birthday


  • Take your user's birthday
  • Tell whether the user was born on a palindrome day or not.
  • You must use one of these formats to put dates eg: MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YY, etc. Having atleast one date format out of these is mandatory, adding extra date formats is a bonus (optional). Make sure to check whether the date can be a palindrome date or not.
  • Bonus (Optional): If not, show the nearest palindrome date and by how many days the user has missed the palindrome date.


Project: Profit or loss calculator (stocks)


  • Take user's stock price for one stock when he bought it.
  • Take the quantity of stocks.
  • Take today's stock price for that stock.
  • Tell the user how much profit or loss he/she is making.
  • Tell them the percentage and absolute value of profit or loss.


Project: Blogs (optional)

  • Write 2 blogs, on your own, of 200 words minimum, and host them on your portfolio's blog page section. The blogs should not be copied or plagiarised. The blog could be technical or non-technical in nature. Writing blogs is optional. Only write blogs if you wish to and bag some extra points. Not writing a blog will not affect your levelOne entry.

  • LinkedIn Profile: You should have LinkedIn Profile which is mandatory.

few points to be sure about

  • Make sure you have showcased all these projects. You should have put the projects on your projects' page.
  • You should have put both: a. the project's Github source-code link and; b. the live project link of the projects on your projects' page.
  • Make sure all the links are live and working.
  • Please do not copy any project or blog at will reduce your chances of getting a mark15 and you might be blacklisted from the admission process, if you are aiming to apply for levelOne.
  • Every project and mark has a guide explaining the assignment and learnings clearly. Do give them a read, if you have not.

Once you have done all these projects, first congratulate yourself. You were consistent and hardworking throughout.

You have come a long way in levelZero and you have learned a lot.

Your portfolio is submission-ready

Your portfolio is absolutely ready to apply for neoG Camp 2024 cohort. Please read about the admission procedure here.

can apply for levelOne (Camp 2024)

Once you are a mark9, you can now apply for the neoG Camp 2024 Cohort aka levelOne through the admission portal. You will be informed about this soon.

Read more about the admission process here.

watching levelZero videos is not compulsory

If you do all these without watching the videos for levelZero, we are okay with that too. What matters is that you have a complete portfolio to apply to levelOne and have practiced the concept well for the interview.

about copy/pasting

Don't submit without understanding, we have kept a manual interview round only to check that.

We will be checking your understanding of the code. Any random project and would ask you to explain the code, maybe ask for minor changes in the codebase on the call itself.

Understand that we are not against copying work. The idea is that while copying you need to understand it. The best way is that if you're stuck somewhere, see someone's work, but don't copy it, type it yourself, without seeing from your mind. Then it becomes yours.

utilize the community

We have a community of 100K+ programmers on social media. Please do share your projects and your wins with us. We are here to help, uplift and guide. Welcome to the community.