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levelZero guide

know your mentor for levelZero

I am Tanay Pratap, CEO @ Invact and Ex- Snr. SDE at Microsoft. I teach students online to get them skilled and job-ready. You can start your coding journey with me doing levelZero and if you enjoy coding we have a 6-month of bootcamp where you can become an advanced frontend developer with learning with the community.

To know more about me Google “tanay pratap”.

what is levelZero?

It is a FREE lecture series to get you started with web development.

If you want to test whether you enjoy coding or not, levelZero is the place for you!

who is levelZero for?

An absolute beginner! I will touch upon the most basic topics, teach how the software is used, how the tools are set up → and even explain you what github is?

If you know how to program already, you might learn something new or might not. levelZero shall go slow and basic and might feel like a waste of time. I have warned you! You might learn more over at levelOne!

But, if you have never programmed before, or if you have tried but you feel it’s difficult to put together an app, then this is definitely for you.

Give us feedback on how to improve this guide further at!

what will you build in leveZero?

If you do levelZero, you will

  • write your first program
  • host your first site
  • make your own portfolio + blog
  • write a vanillaJS app
  • write your first react app

and do assignments for all of these.

You will be making 10+ mini apps, all hosted online.

how to ask for help

We have a 21k+ developers community at Discord who is always ready to solve your issues while you are learning to code with us. You can ask for help #showcase&review or #general-coding.

But before you ask for help, please first try to debug your code yourself. Here is a guide to help you do that. This would enhance your understanding to a great extent.

Help is given at team Tanay whenever it is asked. :D

Following are the mark-wise distribution of levelZero, for your ease.

what will you learn in levelZero?

This is how you will start your coding journey: [The 1-month course structure]:

  • Basics of programming (JavaScript): This will include the basic level of understanding and JavaScript. The JavaScript course will deal with strings, array, objects, NodeJS.

To start and learn JavaScript, you will create a CLI (command-Line Interface) App with us and one on your own.

  • git basics: You will learn to create accounts, basic commands, open a Pull Request ("PR") on the different repositories, cloning, and markdown.
  • Introduction to web development: You will learn HTML, CSS, CSS Box Model and Semantic HTML.

You will learn all of this while creating your portfolio with us and your blog on your own as your assignment.

  • Vanilla JavaScript and React: You will learn how to take input, on click event, HTML update, how to fetch data, loading, success, and error.

You will learn all this just by creating web apps with us.

I don't know a single word written above: Relax, even if you have never written a function. Moreover, if you don't even know what a function means, or what branching, looping, or cloning means, we got you covered. All these words that are now foreign to you, will be covered at levelZero. The very basics, the ground level from where you start your programming journey.

levelZero will serve as the minimal level and primary entry barrier for levelOne. It is free, beginner-friendly, and open for all.

what is mark-15 system?

To gamify the entire learning process and to make your learning action-oriented, we have created a 15-mark system for the camp participants. The mark projects are listed under each lesson as sub-toggles so that you don't miss them. With each lesson and mark-project you complete, you will get closer to levelOne.

what is the levelZero learning philosophy?

Let’s understand the underlying philosophy of this course. I want you to write every line, every piece of code yourself. The problem for first-timers is that they don’t know how to piece logic together. So, we have a companion guide that will give you exercises, one by one, you do all of it, and voila at the end of each lesson you’ll have a working application.

Give this method an honest 5 hours of your life and you’ll be on the right path to becoming a programmer.

what if you cheat?

A lot of people try learning to program but they don’t succeed. Why? Because they want to stay in the comfort zone of copy-pasting code from the tutorial. So, the moment they get out of tutorial life, they don’t know how to think for themselves.

Programming is not about copy-pasting code from a YouTube video. It’s about structural thinking.

Remember, no pain no gain!

With the rules clear, take notes on the logic building while I am solving the exercises, and ask your doubts on the discord community #team-tanay.

what are the rules for levelZero?

  • watch the YouTube video, take notes on how I am solving the exercises
  • after watching the lessons, close the video
  • now use the guides (provided for each lesson) to solve exercises all on your own.
  • don’t look into the lesson videos unless you’re stuck for more than 10 minutes on something.
  • you win if you do all the exercises without looking at the video for help, or keep it minimal.

what do you need to start?

You need only 3 things: A Laptop, a good internet connection and the ability to understand English.

Oh, and the drive to learn to code and grow!

stuck? need help?

If you have doubts anywhere during levelZero, we have a 21k+ strong Discord community. We have been doing programming together for 2+ years now and the basic level will be easy to troubleshoot for our champs.

Go to Discord Server and ask doubts in the general-coding channel.

completed levelZero. now what?

levelOne is the next step for you. It is a structured 6-month web development course to turn you into a advanced front-end developer! If you want to join levelOne you can start preparing for interviews with the help of interview guide. Learn more about the course here.

Let’s begin with levelZero. All the best!